Etiquette: [noun] the code of polite behaviour in a society.

There's no One Right Way to be Polyamorous, but there are plenty of Wrong ways!  Miss Poly Manners offers a very opinionated examination of one path of poly etiquette.

There are a lot of assumptions and implicit expectations about how people should behave in society, but, do the rules change in the polyamorous community? If so, how?  Miss Poly Manners will look at a variety of situations and give advice and suggestions about how to navigate through the codes of polite behaviour in the poly community.  

Miss Poly Manners deals with situations involving polyamory, responsible non-monogamy, open-relationships, open marriages, and even social etiquette for mixed company (polyamorous and monogamous people socializing together!)

Miss Poly Manners can be heard on the Poly Weekly Podcast, giving advice and suggestions about poly etiquette.

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